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I Just Couldn't Do It - Overcoming The Mind

I Just Couldn’t Do It

#005 – Sometimes you have to eat your own dog food. These last couple of weeks have been very stressful for me. My autoimmune disease has been flaring up. I’ve gotten a couple of migraines (out of character for me – I think it’s due to the stress). And I’ve been working long hours to match the pace of my growing business.

With all that being said, I just couldn’t get out a normal episode this week. If you’re a regular listener, you know that my podcast episodes are very edited. They’re thorough and well-thought-out. They take between 10-12 hours to edit. I just didn’t have that sort of time over the last 2 weeks.

I did the best that I could. And that’s why matters.


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Joey Randazzo:                   Hello and welcome to overcoming the mind. My name is Joey Randazzo.

N/A:                                            [inaudible]

Joey Randazzo:                   [inaudible]. I’d like to thank my sponsor, American dream. You American junior helps military members in their spouses transition from military to civilian life and find their dream job or start a business. Everything they do is 100% free for service members and their families. To learn more. Go to American dream U. Dot. Org. That’s American dream. And then the letter U. Dot.

Joey Randazzo:                   This episode is going to be a little bit different than normal for those of you who regularly listen, here’s how the episodes usually go. Each episode is about a particular topic surrounding mental health and entrepreneurship, whether it’s social media, whether it’s depression, whether it’s leadership, which is an upcoming episode. And after interviewing the guests, I retroactively go back and spend a lot of time editing each episode. Um, probably between 10 and 12 hours of editing, at least including research and all of the other stuff that goes into creating a podcast like this. And, um, the last two weeks have been a bit crazy and I just haven’t had those eight to 10 hours. I have been very stressed with work and life. Uh, some of you know that I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that has been continuing to flare up the last two or so weeks, which has been a big challenge.

Joey Randazzo:                   And then another big challenge is that the business has been growing. Um, there has been some additional new clients that have been amazing, um, but it has been quite a lot of work hiring, uh, three additional writers the last, the last couple of weeks and trying to onboard this new client properly. And so with that, I’ve been putting in some pretty long hours working weekends, things that I don’t want to do longterm as an entrepreneur. So I’m really, really trying to put in the systems and processes in place so that a month from now I don’t have to be continuing to, to do this because it’s not sustainable. It’s definitely taking a toll on me and my mental health at the same time. I’m very in life right now. There’s a lot of amazing things that are happening with the business, um, with my, with my fiance and I. And so I can’t complain and I am, I am happy.

Joey Randazzo:                   I just know that staying up all night to ensure that an episode gets out tomorrow is probably not the best for me. So spending 15 minutes here to record something to share where I’m at and just, uh, be, be honest and open about that, I think, um, is, is the best that I can do and I’m okay with that for this week. So some, some things that I’ve been struggling with over the last two weeks and, uh, and recently have been scalability of the business. So really putting in those processes and systems in place so that I am not always the bottleneck. And that’s what I’m working on right now. And that’s what I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks. Uh, for many entrepreneurs, this is a very, very big challenge is being that bottleneck. Um, either wanting control over the entire business or simply how the business is structured.

Joey Randazzo:                   You are integral to every part of it and you kind of have to do what needs to be done, otherwise it just won’t get done. And so for me, I’m, uh, currently just signed up for an online course by Ari Meisel called the replaceable founder. And that’s my goal over the next 12 months as a, along with, with growing the revenue of the business, the goal is to slowly reduce my need to become replaceable in a sense because right now I am doing most of everything, uh, and it’s not sustainable for my mental health and it’s not sustainable from a business perspective. And over these last couple of weeks I’ve been getting in the gym less. For those of you who have listened to the previous episodes, you would know that uh, getting physical exercise is really, really important to my mental health. And, uh, I’ve been doing that substantially less than normal lately.

Joey Randazzo:                   Maybe getting in the gym two to three times per week instead of my normal five to six times per week. So I need to do a better job of, of making that a priority in my life, uh, and going first things in the morning. Um, because if I can knock that out first thing in the morning, then I, uh, I’ve done it otherwise. If I say, okay, I’m going to get work done first, I’ll go at five or 6:00 PM. Usually my energy levels are really low, my fiance gets home from work and I don’t go. So I’ll be making that a priority over the next two weeks as well. I know I’m rambling here, I’m just sharing my thoughts. The other thing that, that I’ve been thinking about is the fact that, um, things are going well with the business, right? So I’m getting a new additional clients.

Joey Randazzo:                   Revenue is growing, the business is growing. And with that I’ve, I’ve been very excited over the last two to three weeks, which is, you know, seemingly a good thing. But, um, I used to study some Buddhist texts and, and one of the, one of the things that really stuck out to me there is not getting attached. And what I loved about it was, was it saying not getting attached to either negative emotions or positive emotions. And I feel like I’ve been getting really attached to those positive emotions recently with, with what the business is doing. And, um, I’ve been thinking a lot about it. You know, I haven’t been in the present lately. I’ve been constantly thinking about the future, what needs to get done the opportunity for next year, the opportunity for the next couple of years. And it’s probably not the best for me. So I used to have a mantra that I, that I used.

Joey Randazzo:                   And basically what a mantra is, is is you just repeat a word over and over again in your head and it sort of keeps you grounded in the present moment, doesn’t allow your thoughts to wander, to either pass things that have happened or future events that you were, you’re thinking about. And I haven’t been using that lately. I’ve thought about it the last couple of weeks. And there’ve been a couple times where I’ve tried to grasps, grasp onto that mantra. But again, I haven’t done a great job of that. And so another thing that I’ll be thinking about is when I’m not working, how can I use that mantra to my advantage so that I’m not, I’m getting very excited and attached to my excited thoughts or my worried thoughts of getting everything done that needs to get done. And that type of thing. So that’s another priority for me along with the physical activity is to come back to my mantra that, uh, served me pretty well in the past.

Joey Randazzo:                   So from a mental health perspective, uh, in my life, that’s what’s been going on. I’m trying to practice what I preach here, um, because you know, I could stay up all night tonight and get a normal podcast episode done, but that would probably not be best for me. I’ve been working basically every single day of the week for the last two weeks and that’s why I haven’t had that, that those eight to 10 hours that I normally put into a regular podcast episode. And so I apologize that I am not able to get a normal episode out this week, but I think I’m am at least glad that I didn’t push myself over the edge and I’ve was aware enough to say, okay, I can spend 45 minutes, uh, you know, sharing with the audience what I’m going through and putting something out as some, putting something out at least.

Joey Randazzo:                   But I don’t have the capacity to put out a normal episode, but thankfully the cool thing is that there are four episodes in queue with some really amazing guests that I’m extremely excited to get out over the next couple of weeks. And so I’m putting in those systems and processes and I know that I’ll be able to get an episode out in two weeks from now. I think it’s the day after Christmas. And so I’m very excited about continuing to release episodes with some really incredible people that have cool stories that they’re willing to share and they’re willing to be vulnerable and open. And we’re, we’re able to discuss topics around mental health and entrepreneurship that need to be discussed. One of those gentlemen is a new entrepreneur who was the military, was in the military and um, suffered from some PTSD symptoms as well as depression and anxiety upon returning to civilian life.

Joey Randazzo:                   That even led him to the hospital thinking that he was having a heart attack. Another person you’ll be hearing from is an extremely strong entrepreneur. She lost both of her legs in a car accident when she was just a teenager. And she’s gone through some, some ups and downs throughout her life and she shares some really powerful nuggets that she’s learned along the way that I think will be very valuable for the audience to hear. And there’s a leading researcher on entrepreneurship and mental health who is a professor at Syracuse university and who has traveled around the world sharing his research and data that he’s learned about mental health and entrepreneurship. And I sat down with him and we discussed, um, his diagnosis of ADHD and how some mental health obstacles can actually be beneficial for entrepreneurs. Those are some of the things to look forward to with the overcoming the mind podcast. Again, I really appreciate you listening and understanding that I just couldn’t do it this, this week and that’s okay. Thank you so much for listening to this episode of overcoming the mind. I apologize that we weren’t able to get out a normal episode this week, but I promise you in two weeks from now, people will have a featured episode from one of our amazing guests and stay tuned for that. As always, you can subscribe to our newsletter@overcomingthemind.com to learn some cool information about mental health and entrepreneurship. And again, thank you for listening to overcoming the mind.


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