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About Overcoming The Mind & Joey Randazzo - Overcoming The Mind

Overcoming The Mind Exists To Create Awareness...

Awareness about just how prevalent mental health & entrepreneurship  is. 

Awareness to let you know that you’re not alone in the journey.

Awareness of the scientific research devoted to helping entrepreneurs heal.

Awareness of real strategies that other successful entrepreneurs have used to overcome their mental health obstacles.

Awareness that there’s a community here to support you. 

Who is Joey Randazzo?

Joey Randazzo is an entrepreneur who has been overcoming mental health obstacles since the 6th grade.

But, Joey Randazzo is much more than that. Being an entrepreneur or someone who experiences mental health obstacles doesn’t define him. He’s not just another statistic.


  • Is in love with an incredible, incredible girl named Emily
  • Loves to write
  • Spends a lot of time in the gym lifting weights and exercising
  • Has a bernedoodle named Rosie
  • Loves where he lives – Portland is objectively one of the most beautiful places in the US
  • Might be a sun worshipper… The sun doesn’t come out that often in Portland (still the best place, though)

Listen to Joey's Story Here:

What's the goal of the Overcoming The Mind Podcast?

First, there’s a selfish reason…

As an entrepreneur who experiences mental health obstacles, I selfishly want to learn from other entrepreneurs and how they deal with their challenges. What do they do? How have they healed?

I also am intellectually curious in the topic. I want to understand how the mind of an entrepreneur works. And, maybe by understanding my mind, I’ll know myself at a deeper level.

Next, there’s not a lot of dialogue on this topic. It’s something that NEEDS to be discussed. 

Entrepreneurs are at risk. There’s urgency to de-stigmatize the topic and make it a regular point of discussion for entrepreneurs. 

I want to create a community around mental health & entrepreneurship. One that is incredibly welcoming and supportive.